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Born in 1970 and raised in the good old days when everyone in the neighborhood had their own bar in their home.

Started programming in 1984. Began building systems in 1987. Received a degree in Business Computer Programming and Outstanding Student of the Year when I graduated in 1989. I have extensive experience in programming in 80xx Assembly, C, C++, Java, Pascal, Perl, MySQL, HTML, CSS and PHP (Along with SEO and too much to include in that area). At the age of 19 was employed by an eastern coast credit union running satellite based wide area networks (WAN). In 1991 opened my first repair business where I specialized in commercial contracting for financial, residential and other businesses. I've been through every OS from systems that boot with 10K of ram to GW-Basic, OS/2, Windows, OS/X, Android...and a plethora of others.

In 1998 took a break and attended college, not for the paper but to just "learn" anything and everything I also paid through college by tutoring computer science students in programming in addition to working in Network Services for the college.

During my college I focused on Photography (slide film and dark room days) and also became an assistant instructor for the Digital Imaging classes. From there I planned on going to Savannah College of Art & Design, however, a college professor suggested I apply for a job with a "world renowned" photographer where I was hired on the spot as the Digital Art Coordinator where I designed press ready materials, ran a 8' printer and rip station, did photography, managed the business and did plenty of photo restorations, Illustrator work, Quark work, etc. I have extensive experience in traditional/digital photography, combined with InDesign, PhotoShop, etc.

Later, I left and went into web design programming in Perl and hand coding HTML. Figured I would jump on it before some closet "designer" began to rip off the locals then disappear, thus, ruining the reputation of the industry in general.

For the past 12 years I've operated a very prosperous web design, development business that includes running operaitons, web application development, hand coding CSS/HTML3-5, flash design, photography, logo design and also provided computer and networking services to a select few commercial clients.

In early 2011, I began to get a little burn out on web design and programming and got a great deal on a shop that I moved on to my own property, neatly redecorated, and invested into a great deal of equipment for computer, windows/mac, laptop, iPod, iPhone repairs. $22 a month light bill, no permits or city licenses required (I'm out of the city), I feel blessed that I can fairly charge for labor and not stick my customers with outrageous prices on parts to pay a $4K+ a month overhead if I had a "fancy downtown" shop in the city on main street.

Honestly, I love having my own shop now and it gives me great gratification to turn around a laptop or computer for someone that may be elderly, and helping them out, than doing web design work and working with the "stiff ties" that are daytime accountants that magically think they are "designers" - plus I'm not sitting in the dark writing code all the time which really does take a toll on ones health.

I love what I do, and I love helping others.

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