Reviving phone w/ dead battery


I wanted to temporarily revive my ancient Nexus 4, but the battery is completely dead from what I can tell ... it will shortly come up with the charging sign on the screen when connected to power, then the red LED will blink forever, sometimes it will turn off eventually, but the battery doesn't seem to take any charge.

There's no point in shelling out some 20-30€ for a new battery, so I thought about just soldering on power to the phone (or the battery cable/connector). I see a V- and V+ mark on the battery lead, not sure if it's the 1st and 3rd lead, or 1st and 4th (which is it?) ... can I just put 3.8V on the +/- leads to get it to power up?

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If you plug in the charger with the battery removed, can you measure pins for voltage? It's presumed at least two pins should have have charger voltage indicating those are pins for charging the battery.


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