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The G502 was released in 2013, and its already ergonomic design was transferred to the G502 Hero in 2018. It features a 16,000 DPi sensor and a scroll wheel with a smooth, gliding scrolling feature.

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My Primary and Secondary Click's Were Switched!

The Primary and Secondary Click's Were Switched. When I Go Onto Logitech Hub, It Says Primary is Primary, And Secondary is Secondary. But For The Mouse, It's Opposite Day! Please Tell Me How I Could Fix It.

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You can configure the left and right mouse buttons in Windows. From settings click on 'Devices', click 'Mouse' and then 'Select your primary button' drop down menu to configure the buttons.

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This Would Be Useful, But Im On A MacOS. It's Pretty Weird But Yea.


Hmm. I don"t deal with macs much. In windows the logitech mouseware or whatever they currently call it also allows configuration. If you haven't got that go here to download.

If that's no joy, this page teaches how to swap them on a mac


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