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Repair and disassembly guides for Sony DVD players.

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DVD and CD Disk not reading

Ive got a CD/DVD/3D Blue ray player that wont recognize a disk (tried CD and DVD's). I have it all apart and cleaned the reader with a q-tip (aka Fleece Crested Scepter of Q-Teep). The laser dose turn on (I see it turn purple yes I know don't burn my eyes out) and the head moves back and forth. My big questions is should the disk be spinning when its checking for a disk? The motor dose spin free by hand but the disk doesn't spin when it checking for a disk. A lot of guides mention turning some potentiometer to adjust the laser power; I cant find any on this model.

Update (05/10/2022)

The model number is HBD-N760W

Here are some pictures to help

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Hi @scootergarrett,

What is the model number of the player?

The disc should be spinning or at least it should have rotated because the player is looking for the TOC (table of contents) located on the disc.

This applies to CDs and DVDs. With DVD it is slightly different but it still requires the disc to turn. This link describes it better than I can

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@scootergarrett download the service manual from here Section one will have a lot of the information you may need fo the repair. I am certain your optical drive controller uses trim pods but we would have to see the boards etc. to determine this. Careful with messing with those because a wrong adjustment can burn out the LASER diode.


Thanks for the user manual, I still cant find the potentiometers, on the board or the circuit diagram. everything else that needs to move seems to move correctly.

Starting to think its not going to happen.


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