Why no Battery health on ipad?

Why is there a battery health on iPhone, but not on iPad ?

Apple introuded Battery health for conveniently for the user for self-check about how good their battery holding up (since new), although i tend to think that is a marketing gimmick..... Unless there something in the battery that Apple can use to monitor how the aging process direly, its just a guess.. That's all it is...maybe a very good one, but has iFixit or community know how this works?? if there is something inside the battery (for accuracy) monitoring?

Secondly, Apple introduced this only in iPhone's after the debacle of users filing lawsuits over slowing down older devices. not before..

My point is they introduced this feature only AFTER complaints happend, which would be with it doesn't exist on iPad.. Is Apple just waiting for the same batch of issus to happen to older iPads before they introduce battery health there too? Will it even come to at all?

As to the technology aspect, there is no reason why iPad is forgoten,, because it uses the same battery tech. Therefore, if it exists on iPhone, but not on iPad, then it was only introduced on phone to bring customers back to Apple and reassure "we've got your loyalty again"

Any reason this did not exist ? Perhaps i'm totally wrong. but if am am, you gotta admit, its a really good coincidence it happened "at the same time"

Update: I did find this : https://www.reddit.com/r/ipad/comments/p...

however, still does not answer on the option was not there in the first place as with iPhone

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