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Apple AirPods zijn draadloze oortjes die in december 2016 zijn uitgebracht.

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Right AirPod will “die” at 70-60%. Any help?

My right Airpod will randomly shut off or “die” when it reaches 70% to 60% battery life. I don’t know the cause for I am very careful with them. Maybe the internal battery shifted? Any help is appreciated.

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Potentially you could have an issue with your battery performance, try a new battery and see if the problem is there.

Have a look on this website for a guide on how to replace the battery in an airpod

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Sunhae here is the guide AirPods Battery Replacement that @therepairmanuk is referring to


@oldturkey03 thanks mate currently using a phone I didn't even think of pasting the link into my comment, thanks for saving me ?


@therepairmanuk no problem. Virtual repair is a team effort :-)


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