P652ui-b2 / No Power at all.

Hello! I have a P652ui-b2, and it was working great for about a year. Then just randomly one day it would not turn on or work at all. I have already replaced the cord, and the power supply. Is it possible that it could be one of the other boards causing it to receive no power at all? I ordered a main board. A Led driver board, and I believe a TC?board. Any help would be great, I already tried to hard reset and stuff like that as well. The logo will not even light up.

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Can you first unplug the LED driver board from the TV, then try powering on the TV?


Campbell Fisher so you are saying it is dead dead. No sign of life. Nothing. With a new power supply you should at least get the power LED to light up. You did check the outlet and I am sure you tried a different one. There would be no other board that would leave your TV without any sign of life. Of course, double check your IR board and your power button bar and see if you can find any errors there. If you still have the back cover removed post a picture of all of your boards with your QUESTION that way we can see how they interconnect and if the boards show any damage. Voeg afbeeldingen toe aan een bestaande vraag


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