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The second-generation Pixel Buds wireless earbuds made by Google and released in April 2020.

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Can you replace the battery?

The pixel buds disconnect whenever they are removed from the case. I think the batteries are bad. Is it possible to replace the battery?

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I'm not seeing replacement batteries for the buds themselves, and the process looks pretty destructive. These aren't made to come apart.


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I don't believe it is possible to open these earbuds without damaging the casing. Therefore, you cannot replace the battery.

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Here’s the Ifixit Google Pixel Buds 2 Teardown guide which shows how to open the ear buds.

The guide was only to show the internal components and is not intended as a repair guide because of the damaging way in which the earbuds have to be opened.

The battery is a Varta CP1240 A3 (supplier example only) if you think that you want to try and replace them

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