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Patagonia outerwear that keeps you warm on brisk days and dry on wet days. Repair difficulty ranges from simple tear patching to more complicated baffle repair.

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reconnect mesh lining of rain shell

the mesh lining on a rain shell I bought in the late 80’s has detached from the shoulders/neck area of the shell. What’s the best way to reattached?

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Hi Mari! My name is Maddy and I work for an outdoor gear repair shop in Denver, Colorado.
I would sew a folded-over layer of fabric over the top portion of the mesh (on top of where it detached from the jacket), and then reattach the mesh to your shell with a line of stitching over your new fabric addition. Putting in the extra layer of fabric at the top can give the mesh more structure as you’re trying to reattach.
If you’re worried about waterproofness in any way, I would recommend getting some seam tape to iron onto your seams.

I hope this can help, I’m interested in hearing how your repair turns out. Best of luck!

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