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The first model of iPhone, Model A1203 with 4, 8, or 16 GB capacity and an aluminum back. Repair requires a significant amount of prying, and may require some soldering. This page aims to help users troubleshoot, fix, and seek help for the iPhone 2G.

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Broken Sim Reader Pins


I always wanted a first generation iPhone and I bought a first generation IPhone to repair. I realized that my device is not reading SIM cards. Then I opened it and saw the broken pins. Can I just buy a broken motherboard and replace the sim slot? If not how could I fix it?

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I have replaced sim holders on a lot of iPhones but not this model. It looks easy enough. I am not sure how much heat you will need to melt the solder on these models, if you flow the joints with low melt solder you shouldn’t have a problem although you will probably need a hot air station as well as an iron.

The hardest part will be finding a non-working one to buy.

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Thank you so much?


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