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Repair guides and support for electric shavers, disposable razors and blades, and straight razors, for both men and women.

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Replacement motor for Panasonic ES-LV95 cleaning station (RC9-15)

So I noticed that my cleaning station no longer cleans the shaver (the water doesn’t seem to be pumped) it only is capable of drying. I opened it up (actually not super difficult, but need to be careful), and eventually I got to the motor of the pump. It appears to be all rusty (no surprise, since the design places it under the water level, and only thing blocking the water are seals).

Anyway, I don’t think Panasonic will provide me with a replacement motor (I still asked and waiting for a response), so I’m wondering if I can find an off the shelf motor that could take it place. I really doubt Panasonic would build a special motor for a cleaning station so it probably also is off the shelf motor, but I know absolutely nothing about DC motors and how to find one matching it.Unfortunately, the motor is wrapped in special plastic case so I can’t see any markings that would help me find that part. I haven’t tried hard enough to remove it from it (because I’m afraid that I might break it). I’m wondering if there’s some kind of catalogue of DC motors with dimensions so I could look and perhaps locate which one I need? I don’t even know where to look for something like that.

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I have the same issue. Curious to know how you go about disassembling the thing. Thanks.


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typically in their eyes ( panasonic) the charging \ cleaning station is so cheap theyre not going to offer replacement motors for this kinda thing.

odds are youll have to dig around the google machine and see if anyone else has done this repair on the side and hope they listed the motor. ill search around and update if i find anything

if no luck there then youll have to get measurements of the motor physically and then some how figure out the motor speed and required voltage \ amperage.

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this further proves they dont care about component level repairs lol


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FC-11285 0907 5V DC (part ID hardly legible despite I cleaned the motor with care).


Shaft: 2 x 10 mm

Flat body: 30 x 15 x 22 mm

Torque, and speed and direction of rotation: no idea.

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