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Released November 2018 as an edition to the iPad's Pro line. Model A1980.

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Not charging when plugged in

So my iPad is not able to charge or hold a charge. So when I plug it in. And leave it plugged in. It turns on, but stays at 1% no matter what, and then I can even get anywhere from 10-30 minutes of use out of it. But then it shuts down. If it’s dead and I plug the cord in, it just shows the dead battery logo; but if I unplug, it says I need to plug a cord in. So it seems like it’s recognizing a cord, it just isn’t able to hold the charge. Also the battery icon does not show charging if it’s plugged in. Geek Squad said it’s a whole system replacement at $500 (eye roll) and ubreakifix said it’s $200 repair. I’m pretty good with repair and would like to do on my own but want to see if anyone knows if it’s the charging port or motherboard, or what exactly id need to repair. Any help is greatly appreciated as I’m like a month outside my warranty and would like not to have to make this an expensive paperweight. Thanks!

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hello Cole,

unfuortunatly, I confirm - that is a flex issue. The port often breaks at the root inside the housing and the only solution is to replace it. You should remove the screen (which is not easy), take out the motherboard - which is certainly a difficult and time-consuming activity (most often here later problems with killing iPads arise). Don't do it yourself if you are not qualified. Find out in independent repair shops, it should not cost more than $ 150-175.

- regards,

I recommend or

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Hello, I appreciate the answer! I did reach out to many places to find the root of my problem and it came down to guesses as well as ridiculous price tags for what the value of the iPad even is. So I took a leap of faith, ordered a new charging port, purchased a tool kit and went to work. And by chance, it worked perfectly and I have a working iPad again. all it took was $25, 30 minutes of work, and I saved close to $300. Again, it almost seemed like luck that it worked but I just wanted to give a response to your answer so you could know some good came of it! Thanks again.


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