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The EOS 5D is a 12.8-megapixel digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) camera body produced by Canon. Released Q4 2005.

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Hot shoe broke and screws broke in camera won’t unscrew out

How can I get the screws out with no head they are loose but will not come out

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If they have no head you can try to shove a hard flathead to make a grove and screw them out, you can try with tweezers or worst case scenario, drill them out.

To remove stripped screws: If you can get at the screw heads try to grab a long-nose pliers and squash the screw head, then you can try to use a flathead screwdriver or by turning the pliers, if that you don’t have those tools you can try with the normal screwdriver and a rubberband in between.

Japanese cameras use JIS/JCIS (Japanese Camera Industrial Screws) screws not philips.

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