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Budget laptop released by Hewlett-Packard in 2015.

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Can I use an Acer charger to power up this stream laptop

Can I use my Acer Aspire charger to power up my Hp stream laptop

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Hi @tricia218 ,

What is the DC voltage output of the Acer charger? it should be printed on the charger .

The HP Stream 11 laptop requires a 19.5V DC 2.31A charger.

If the voltage is less than this it won’t work. If the voltage is more than this it will damage the laptop.

Also is the Acer’s charger plug, compatible with the HP laptop’s DC-In jack, i.e. does it fit? Try inserting it without the charger being plugged into the wall outlet first.

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You could, but you need to know what voltage does it need to charge. If the charger you are talking about charges with the correct volts, its safe. To know it you could search on internet or search on the battery which is under the laptop.

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