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HP's high performance compact desktop PC with full desktop features. Model number : 600-a014.

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How to change the processor...

I’ve got the HP Pavillion Wave 600-a014. I keep having video graphic failures and re-installing the driver doesn’t help. The video graphics are integrated into the processor (Intel Core i3-6100T) so I’m guessing that I need to replace the processor. How hard is it do this? I’ve already reviewed the iFixit info on cracking open the case to get to where the processor is, does the processor just plug right into it’s socket? Is there a different fix that I’m not thinking of?

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Hey, anyone ever tested the compatibility towards 7th gen Intel Cpus, so like some i7 7700T? Sadly the bios change log is super minimal and i cant read the stuff from there.


Hi @toddk80

Processor Integrated Graphics

Intel Core i7-6700T (Skylake) 2.8 GHz Quad Core Intel HD Graphics (GT2)

Intel Core i5-6400T (Skylake) 2.2 GHz Quad Core Intel HD Graphics (GT2)

Intel Core i3-6100T (Skylake) 3.2 GHz Dual Core Intel HD Graphics 530

Intel Pentium G4400T (Skylake) 2.9 GHz Dual Core Intel HD Graphics 510


Thanks for the speedy response, even i knew above 6th gen CPUs are supported, but this wasnt my question. It was more IF a0xx series supports 7th gen, so like the Wave a1xx or a3xx series does natively. I mean all come with H170 chipset and same socket, so a question of compatibility on Bios level. HP documentation just shows the CPUs offered in their pre configured models, e.g. 6600T should work as well, even not listed.

I guess i have to simply test it somewhen

Once i get some 7500/7700t in my hands ...

Thanks again


Hi @toddk80

Let us know how it goes.


@aactech will do for sure :-)

Thanks so far!


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Have you run the HP diagnostic software from the BIOS? This could point out unsuspected problems in other areas such as RAM, etc.

Power on your PC, press Esc, then F2 at the prompt. Choose System Tests (Fast Test performs a 4 minute hardware check).

Unless you have severe heat problems on your system it is very unlikely, but possible of course, that your CPU/Graphics is defectuive. What temperatures are the components operating at? HW Monitor is a good app for temperature, fans, etc:

Before replacing your CPU try the following:

Update all drivers from HP web site, if you haven’t already done this. Chipset drivers are very important as they link all main hardware components together:

If that doesn’t do the trick then perhaps corruption is the problem

To completely, cleanly unistall graphics drivers try something like DDU (Display Driver Uninstaller:

99% of the time this has fixed the problem for me. Graphics driver can be a tough problem.

Once that is all done install the graphics drive from the HP web site.

This program is a good general driver updater:

There are other possible lines of investigation so let us know how it goes. I’ve only had 1 graphics card die, and that was because of carelessness on my part, and zero CPU’s die in 35 years of hardware troubleshooting.

Good luck!

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Thanks for the help because honestly I didn't know to do these things. I can’t try them though because I’ve got no video signal from the CPU. I don’t know how to try any of that without being able to see what I’m doing.


...also, I forgot to add that the fan used to come on when I first turned the PC on but I never noticed it running again after that. A couple of weeks ago, when the video problem first started, the fan would only come on after a hard reset.


You know, unfortunately, the better they look the harder they are to service.

I always check servicabilty BEFORE purchasing.

Anyhow let’s see if there is something we can do.

Have you tried turning on the computer with nothing connected but the power cord?

Any beep sounds?

Have you tested the monitor with another computer?

Here’s HP’s guide to video troubleshooting:

You could buy an external graphics card such as this:

IFIXIT guide to open the case:

HP Pavilion Wave 600-a014

You may have to take out the CMOS coin battery for a few hours to reset the BIOS.

It is the silver disk in the motherboard photo.

While looking around look for loose cables, etc.

That should keep you busy for a little while!


First off, I appreciate all of the help and suggestions. I tested the monitor on my laptop and it works fine. I pulled the unit apart, pulled the CMOS battery and let it sit overnight. I re-installed the battery, re-assembled the unit and fired it up with nothing plugged in. It powered up, which it always did, but when I plugged the monitor into the PC there's still no video signal. It also doesn't make any beeps when turned on. I went ahead and purchased the external graphics card you suggested and it should be here Saturday. So that's where I'm at, basically nothing's changed from my original post. One thing I did do when dis-assembling this PC was answer my original question about swapping out the CPU. I didn't know if it was soldered in or plugged in but I discovered that you take off the heat sink, flip up a little lever and the CPU comes right out. Continued in next post.....


Continued.....I totally get what you mean about serviceability! The PC I replaced with this one was an HP Pavillion I bought new in 2010. I upgraded the memory, hard drive and installed Windows 10 in the ten years I owned it. Serviceability was awesome, you pull off the side cover and everything's right there. The Wave 600 has no easy serviceability. I had to completely disassemble the unit to get to the CMOS battery! So again, thanks for the help and if you've got any other suggestions I'm all ears.


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I have changed my a014’s CPU from i3-6100T to i7-6700T to improve its graphic performance since many game cannot get good experience.

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

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Hi did you have any issues upgrading the cpu?


@Freddy Maya No any issue happen, it works smoothly.


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