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A portable, all-in-one, desktop with touchscreen manufactured in 2013 by Dell. Model Number W01A can be found by checking the device's right support foot.

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Why Does My Device Power On Then Powers Off? 5 Beeps

Dell XPS 18 will power on, most of the time will have 5 beeps followed by 5 beeps. Sometimes after I do that I can get it to go to login and then will cut off. I’ve disconnected the battery and its stayed for a while and actually able to use for a bit. Its back to just cutting on and off. I may get a few minutes of use here and there before it shuts off.

Not sure if this is a motherboard issue, battery issue, charger,or cpu issue? Please help.

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According to the Dell support website, five beeps is indicative of a bad CMOS battery. Usually this is just a 2032 coin with leads soldered to it and should be cheap enough to pick up. That said, verify the number of beeps as even one less can mean something completely different.

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Thanks for your comment. I’ve read that article and looked into but would a CMOS battery cause a device to shut off and have issues?


@jacobsoul In theory, it shouldn't, but if the operating system is trying to grab something from the bios and it's not what it expected, I could see that creating a problem. At the very least this should be an easy and CHEAP fix so I would start there. It very well may be completely unrelated or even misreporting (if it continues to do the 5 beeps with the new battery then you are venturing into board issues)


It’s for sure 5 beeps followed by 5 beeps. After I attempt to power on twice, I usually can get it to run for a couple minutes and then it shuts off.


Gotcha, okay thank you for your response. I’ll start there and see if it helps.


@crtrue not sure if this helps point in a direction. When I had ssd removed I was able to get to the ePSA screen where my battery got up to 3 percent and stopped going up from there. Also the battery current glow dropped to 0 mA.


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