Flagship phone from Huawei presented in October 2018 in London. Models LYA-L29 and LYA-L09 available with 6/8 GB RAM and 128/256 GB storage. Triple camera setup, 4200mAh battery and in-display fingerprint sensor.

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I inserted the pin in the left bottom microphone

Hi everybody,

this morning I've been quite dumb: trying to insert the sim into the newly arrived mate 20 pro, I inserted the pin into the left bottom hole instead of into the correct one on the sim slide...

Does anybody know what are those two holes? Microphones? May I have broke something? For example the waterproof integrity?

I installed a testing app and tried to register covering alternatively the two holes and it seems that the phone correctly register my voice..


There is a third hole on the top, is that another microphone?

I'm not sure I damaged something: when I phone, on the other side my voice is well received, besides I re-tried to insert (extremely slowly and carefully) the pin inside both the bottom holes and it find something hard at the same depth, so it seems that nothing has been perforated.... but, I really would like to know where to find technical schematics or tear down videos to see how these two microphones are mounted and which is their function.

If I try to register something with the recorder app and I tap alternatively on the left hole and the right hole, only the second tap is registered... so two are the cases:

1) I destroyed the left microphone, but the right one is sufficient for any application to work correctly

2) Nothing is destroyed, but the left hole is something else or the microphone inside is used for other purposes (noise reduction?)

Does anybody know where to find the phone schematics?

Thank you for any answer

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Block Image

Block Image

First image shows the two bottom holes in the frame in yellow. The gaskets for the microphones are marked in red and sit on top of the holes in the frame. In the second picture you can see the two microphones (marked in orange) which sit on top of the two small daughterboards. Under the microphones there’s a small hole in the daughterboards which connects to the gasket. Because of this build i don’t think it’s possible to puncture the gasket or the microphones.

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Hello Enrico,

I just opened the Mate 20 Pro and what i can say is this:

There are two microphones at the bottom end of the phone. I can’t tell when which one is in use but both of them sit on top of small daughterboards. So the gasket for water- and dust proof isn,t placed at the end of the small holes but on top of it. The rear end of both holes should be plastic of the mid frame. In my opinion I don’t think it’s possible to break one of the gaskets by entering a pin in one of the holes but i can’t give you a guarantee for that.

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And, besides the gasket (we hope is unreachable from the hole), I understand from your description that the microphone is not "facing" the hole, but is perpendicular to it. So it shouldn't be possible to perforate it because the pin reaches at least its side and not its front. Can you add some photos?


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Dominik, you are my savior!

I was very anxious about that.

It remains the mystery of the microphone not recording anything …

I tried both the recording app and a decibel assessment app: both the apps record from the top microphone, the right microphone, but not from the left one…

Is there anybody that can try the same, just to know if every Mate 20 pro has a not-recording-microphone on its bottom left angle? I supposed that microphone may be used for other purposes (noise reduction?) or may activate itself in some circumstances (e.g. very noisy environments?)

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