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The DeLonghi ESAM family of products is a line of automatic coffee machines for making lattes, cappuccinos, espressos, and other drinks. Look for the model number ESAMxxxx on a sticker on the back or bottom of the device.

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Delonghi 6900.m No steam. Weird noise

I have a Delonghi Primadonna Exclusive 6900.M

Everything seems to work fine except for the steam.

It will produce hot water out of the water spout and will also do a full descale.

But when I choose the steam function or put the milk canister on it makes a funny noise like it has a blockage because when I stop it some steam comes out the back of the machine. I have always done the descales and changed O- rings when needed. Greased up the enfuser when was getting stuck, that fixed that. Put rubber grommet in suction straw on the milk canister that has a smaller hole in it to slowdown the milk feed so that it heats up more, got this from delonghi. Hot cuppachino now.

What do you think is the problem. Could it be the solenoid doing this.

Update (06/23/2018)

The machine has a external push on water and steam spout.

Block Image

This is the machine.

Also a milk jug.

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have you solved the problem? Because I have the problem on the same machine (delonghi esam 6900)everything is working execpt steam…..


sory for english I’m french….


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If anything that sounds like a properly functioning solenoid.

I made you a schematic:

Block Image

Maybe there is a blockage in the steam wand; the steam getting released after the function is shut off sounds like it is getting blocked on delivery to the cup.

Its pretty common for there to be milk dried in the steam arm if it's not purged after steaming.

Hope this helps,


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Look at comment


I know the problem but how do I fix it?


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