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The Asus Q501LA features an Intel Core i5 4200U (1.60GHz) processor.

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Lid Switch Location and Teardown

Laptop will not go into Sleep mode,HIbernate,etc when Lid is closed. All drivers,etc are up to date,so it's not a driver issue.

I have read where there is a magnetic switch that can go bad. Anybody know where the switch is and tear down instructions to get to it?

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You can use something like a paper clip and move it around the bezel of the display until you feel the tug of the magnet. Once you identify that point then you can see where on the computer lines up with the magnet.

It is possible that the magnet has moved out of position and is not lining up with the switch.

You should check the Power Options in Control Panel to see the settings for "Choose what closing the lid does". You can also check to see if Sleep or Hibernate modes are enabled. This setting is more likely to be the problem than a failed Hall effect sensor switch.

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I'll try the paperclip method. Iaready checked the usual settings for when the lid is closed,it doesn't sleep, hibernate, etc, so I'm guessing a faulty switch.


Used a paper clip and never got any sort of indication of a magnet around the bezel.


Hi @kev7274 ,

Don't know if this is the case with your laptop, but sometimes the lid switch can be incorporated into the Power button board assembly.

Try placing a magnet near/around the power button and see if this does anything.

(Fridge magnet (type given away for free by businesses for advertising) is usually good enough)

The switch (if it is there) does not "physically" make/break the backlight power circuit between the motherboard and the display panel as can be found in laptops.

Instead it sends a 'signal" to the BIOS/OS to software turn off/on the backlight power.

If this works then it is as @lightnwire said, the magnet has moved in the lid bezel area

If it doesn't work , you could always try moving the magnet along the full length of the back edge of the case (above the keyboard) and see if it operates the switch (backlight goes off /on etc) or even along the bezel under the screen in case the switch is in the lid (magnet in the case) and not the lower case as can sometimes be in laptops as well.

Just a thought.


I used a stronger magnet and when I moved the magnet slightly left of the power button,screen turned off and went into sleep mode. I removed the magnet and the laptop came back on. Does that mean the other part is in the screen bezel?


I took apart the screen and behind the screen was a small magnet that had fallen from the spot it once was. I glued that sucker back in and now everything is WORKING! Thanks guys


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