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The InFocus LP540 is a digital projector, which provides video and computer inputs. It has a XGA 1024x768 resolution. The repair requires screwdrivers and other useful tools.

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when trying to switch on , it shows lamp did not strike.

when trying to switch on , it shows lamp did not strike. how it can be fixed.

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How old is your projector and how is the usage?

How about following this guide and reseat the Lamp

InFocus LP540 Projector Lamp Replacement


its 12 years old. used once in a month , for around 18 hours


@jyoti2joy, as mentioned try taking out the lamp, perhaps check for any dirt and debris, remove and insert for a couple of times and test.


taking out the lamp from the $^**, shake it clean it with the brush and the insert & tried giving the power and found the same dialog lamp did not strike


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Check the connector to the lamp and make sure that it is completely in place. You may need to remove the cover to verify this. Pry the connector toward the lamp to be sure that it is completely on.

You can also have a defective lamp. Each lamp has a lifetime and the system tracks this. While I am not sure about this particular model, some will prevent the lamp from firing if the hours have exceeded the limit. Look in the manual for how to reset the lamp timer. This may allow the lamp to work for a while.

The other alternative is to replace the lamp with a new one.

Update this with the results of the above.


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