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Keyboard/cover for the iPad Pro, announced September 9 and launched mid November 2015. Model A1636.

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Take the back off the case inside micro fibre

Hi my iPad keyboard stopped working out of warrenty, going to try and fix it as it could be the amount of times I’ve folders it the conductive paint going slightly damaged and a little repair will work. See it on YouTube.

Did you use the iopener to take the full cover off or did you use any other tools I will buy the iopener if this is what you used I already have the pro tool set.

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See steps #6 & 7 of this teardown:

Smart Keyboard Teardown

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But I want to know was it just the iopener they used to get the felt of because it’s very very tough glue I’ve got a little bit up but to hard to continue hence me buying an iopener to get it of but need to know if I need anything else


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