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6th generation Android smartphone designed by Google and manufactured by LG. Model LG-H790. Released October 2015.

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Nexus 5x Boot restarting

Well my phone suddenly switched off and when i charged it , its getting rebooted again and again , the google logo appears , the screen turns blank and this keeps repeating till the entire charge is drained , when i took it to a LG service centre they told me that i have to change the moherboard .My phone s just out of warranty . What exactly is the problem ? How do i fix it ?

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This issue is either caused by a faulty memory chip (NAND) or the Soldering under the NAND.

I honestly can't remember if the chip itself is failing, but either way, this is a job that can only be performed by an experienced microsolderer. This chip is soldered but also underfilled. This means there are dozens of metal balls connecting the pads of the memory chip to the pads on the motherboard. The space in between them is them filled with glue.

If you attempt to "reflow" (remelt the solder under) this chip you will fail as the expanding liquid volume will exploded out of gaps in the underfill, causing multiple short circuits.

You can remove the chip entirely by getting the chip up to soldering temperature by simultaneously scraping a knife blade through the underfill to release the chip. Accomplishing this without damaging the NAND or damaging the pads on the motherboard requires experience and skill.

Resoldering the same chip would require carefully removing all old solder and underfill from the bottom of the NAND, then using a purpose built stencil to aid in the placement of summer paste. But if the original chip is bad, replacing the NAND it's the only option.

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