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Released 1990 as a successor to the Apple Extended Keyboard. Models M0312 and M3501 were produced, using either the legendary ALPS tactile switches, or Mitsumi standard mechanical linear switches.

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Removing the metal frame

Hello there,

The ^/ ° key went dead, so I soldered a new ALPS tactile switch onto the back - and all of a sudden two more keys refused to function: a & </>

While reassembling the AEK I noticed a copper strip, about 52 mm x 2mm with a drilled hole at one end of it, which hadn't been there before and presumably fell from somewhere between the metal plate and the mother board.

Is there a way to separate the metal plate from the AEK's mother board?

Thank you

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Block Image

Is this what you are trying to do?

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Probably a late response but yes, the metal plate can be removed. The only thing holding the steel plate to the motherboard are the switches.

Just have to desolder every single switch .

Once desoldered, just lift the plate, or take out each switch one at a time. Use Rosin Flux and a clean soldering iron tip to avoid damaging the pcb, since it is very old at this point and it is very easy to raise these old solder pads (once you do, they’re gone forever).

Course, that’s a huge hassle.

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