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Released September 16, 2016. Models A1661, A1784, and A1785. Available in 32, 128, or 256 GB configurations in Rose gold, gold, silver, black, jet black, and (Product)Red.

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Boot loop when home button is connected

I replaced LCD assembly because of broken glass on iPhone 7 plus. When removing the home button one of the ribbon cables tore. I reassembled the phone with new LCD assembly and then the earpiece speaker didn't work. I then installed a new front camera cable and home button and now phone goes into a boot loop, and customer says that his battery life is terrible. I've tried going back to the factory LCD with damaged glass (other than broken glass everything worked fine) and also reinstalling factory camera cable. I still have no sound on earpiece (speakerphone works) and the phone will not boot with the new home button or the old home button (with the torn cable installed) will boot with no home button connected, but still no earpiece sound. I have tried the solution with the little piece of black tape to no avail. I would just refund customer but when I got the phone everything worked fine, just had cracked glass. I'm afraid I'm gonna have to buy this guy a new phone! Any info is greatly appreciated.

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Hello? The home button it an aftermarket correct?


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Remember, the home button routes through the screen so a faulty screen can throw up some weird home button errors. Definitely try another screen if you haven't already.

Whenever a new iPhone is released, there are sub-par small parts on the market for a while. Your front cam flex might be one of the lemons. If they all don't work, maybe try replacing the physical speaker.

Absolute worse-case scenario - If you have actually damaged the home button, you could always do your best to restore it to the original parts and tell the customer to go to the Apple store. If Apple agree to do an out-of-warranty replacement, it can work out cheaper than a new device from a retailer. You can refund the customer for the repair + extra for the Apple replacement. Hopefully you don't have to explore that option though! Best of luck mate

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I'm not sure if this is an answer but I have a phone that boot loops when everything's is plugged in. I can unplug my home button and it boots. I can plug the home button back in and unplug the front camera and speaker and it will also boot. But will not boot with everything plugged in. I have tried new screens and new home buttons and new batteries and new front camera ribbon cables. It just will not boot with everything plugged in

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Hi Chris,

I have the same symptoms as you and I was wondering if your home button works upon boot?


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Putting a new home buttons will not work for the old device that already use the scan is any part that change must reflect to the old is,, remember that the home button is a over use horse and can time out any second?, that home button is press a billon over time over use and wear out easily so be very careful.. ask customers to remove fingerprints id without the signature sycon with Apple serve and change the scans id home button that will work !!!is always time out without finish the scan so you will have to wait and wait??the device must remove the owner id and sycronnise with Apple data reset the home is one way is must be sycro with both end!! I hope it help

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I cant understand any part of that statement. My brain hurts from trying to interpret that.


Yep! I’m hearing ya! Cracked my cortex trying to de-code the key info I so desperately needed. Message is there, cant bust the code on the grammar though.. . thanks to flume Rico, for the light at the end of the tunnel...


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