How to JTAG Nexus 5x?

Some how i brick my phone and now its not turning back on. I think i will need to JTAG my Nexus 5x. But i am unable to find its JTAG pins.

Can you please tell me where are its JTAG pins?

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Pretty sure this is one of those phones that suffer from the infamous boot loop defect like the LG G1, G2 and G3 series phones.

Had one come in and could not fix it due to that. It would work sometimes sometimes it wouldn't via charger or not.

I don't see how JTAG will help you. You do not have a Z3X JTAG box or something similar to reprogram the nand flash memory chip or to copy out data via soldering connection points to jtag flash machine and phone.

So right now, is it turning on in any way showing any signs of life?


No, its not turning ON.


The bootloader needs to be reflashed via JTAG in order to get the phone working again. JTAG box is required as said above to do so.

Otherwise LG can fix it for you if still under warranty (most likely not).

I don't have the emmc pinouts for JTAG as I currently don't use JTAG to recover phones from hard-bricked states.


I don't know from where i can download bootloader software for my nexus 5x. So, that i can install it using JTAG box.

Can you please help?


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