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Why will my tablet not stay connected to wifi

my tablet does not stay connected to wifi very long. all other devices stay connected so it is within the tablet

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What type of tablet do you have?


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Try installing the wifi manager app. If you can't connect to WiFi at all, you will need an .apk to download. On your PC, google search "wifi manager apk" and select a source to download from. Then, move the file to your tablet. Once on the tablet, find the file and install it by clicking on it. Hope this helps!

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Check your tablet's Keep WiFi on during sleep setting in the WiFi advanced settings area.

Not sure of your tablet but go to Home > Settings > WiFi & Networks, tap on WiFi (ensure it is switched On). There should be an options menu icon, usually 3 vertical dots, somewhere on the screen. Tap it and select Advanced.

Tap on the Keep WiFi on during sleep setting and select always.

There may also be a WiFi Optimization setting that you could check to see what the setting is. If it is On, turn it Off.

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In Any Case There Can Be Very Limited Problem With Your Tablet .

Just Follow These Steps -

Restart Your Tablet And Plug It To The Power .

While Its Plugged In Please Check For Software Update On Your Phone

Also Make Sure Your Router Firmware Is Also Updated .

After You Update Your Computer Please Restart Your tablet . If This Did Not Fix The Issue Please Reset Your tablet and see if this Works .

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@heatherk, how does restarting a computer or phone have to do with it? This does not seem relevant.


Because it will close down all apps and reboot the system, making everything restart, albeit, hopefully correctly.


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