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The HP Probook 4530s is from a line of business notebooks manufactured by Hewlett-Packard (HP). It is from the S-Series (standard series), consisting of Intel powered screens.

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mouse pad stopped working after fan cleaning

Hello , i have a hp ProBook 4530s ,

i opened it to clean the fan but for some reason when i closed it and powered it up again ,my mouse pad stopped working ? and i get and error message when booting up

mouse not detected ..

i don't know what's the problem ... i opened it again, and double checked all the connection and every thing seems fine

please help me .

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All I can suggest is that you triple-check the connections. The trackpad is connected to the motherboard on most laptops by a narrow ribbon. Check that it's fully home in the connectors at both ends, and the clamping bars are clamping it how they should. If you disconnected the ribbon at both ends (not normally necessary) did you put it back the right way up?

If it is the trackpad that's died, you might be able to get a spare on eBay, or a dead laptop of the same model with a working trackpad that you can cannibalise.

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Not sure if you solved the issue already. But in case for other people who are facing the same problem, my experience might help.

I have faced the exactly same problem on the same device. But I have solved the issue myself. What you need to do is: (1) disconnect and connect all ribbon connectors which are located under the touch pad. You have to make sure that these are connected properly and the one that connects with motherboard; (2) when you putting back all screws which are located at the backside of pc make sure that they are a bit loose (not so tight).

Note: Exception is: screws that connect hard disk, optical drive (and 3 screws below), 3 large screws and 1 small screw located under the battery should be tight. But all other backside screws of pc should be loose (not so loose that they fall easily).

To make sure how loose/tightness work for your pc, you may start your pc after putting hard disk, optical drive and battery and then put screws while your pc in on. While putting these screws you may check your touch pad to see how loose the screws should be. While putting a screw check touch pad, if you see it is not working make the screw loose until touch pad works. Do this procedure for all other screws that I mentioned to be loose. Hope this helps.

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