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Fourth generation Honda Civic

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My horn does not work

the contact metal ring behind the steering wheel came off and now the horn does not work. I took the steering off but i can't put the ring back on.

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@pjk just looked through the service manual and it does not describe the replacement of the contact ring. Post some images of your ring and the back of the steering wheel. Maybe we can figure it out. To post images with your question follow this guide Voeg afbeeldingen toe aan een bestaande vraag


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Underneath the emblem cover there is a spring and a connector. But before doing that check the fuse that controls that circuit. It may be blown, if it is replace it with the same amperage. The fuse is located in the box underneath the hood where all the other relays are located. It is a 15A fuse. If its not the fuse, we need to check the actual horn. You can test it by connecting a wire from the battery negative side to the red wire directly to the horn, but do not cross the wires as this can create a short and can cause damage. If the horn sounds then there is a problem underneath the emblem on steering wheel. You need to remove that first to get to the spring assembly. You may have to buy that part from Honda because it will be hard to find it as an aftermarket. You can also get it at a junk yard. Take a picture underneath the emblem and compare that to the part you have at the junk yard. Hope this helps..

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adventure time!!! YES always love the auto wreckers. nothing better than scrounging around a wrecker yard on a Saturday morning


thanks I will try this on the weekend and let you know.


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peter, searched the net for your stock steering wheel assy. diagram, found nothing useful. You may have to brake down and get a manual or go to local library and look through their car manual section and check for your cars repair manual and check for a diagram showing where ring located.

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thanks L Pfaff, was trying to avoid having to buy a manual, as they are expensive for my car [I guess because it's old. but I will try my local library to see if they have one.


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