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The Samsung Galaxy Alpha smartphone was released in September of 2014 and is also known as the Samsung Galaxy Alfa. It runs on the Android operating system and is carried by most major cellular providers.

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Phone seems to work after being in milk

My sister yesterday accidentally got her Galaxy Alpha into a serial bowl with milk. After turning it off for the night since she is in a trip and can't put it in rice she tried to turn it on this morning and it looks like it functions as it did before.

I would point out that after it fell she immediately pulled it out of there and cleaned it although she did say that milk got into the charging port.

I wanted to ask: Is the fact that it works fine means that it's fine and there i nothing to worry about or is there still a chance that the milk will cause problems later on in a few days and if there is how likely is it?

I just want to make sure that it's not causing any further damage the fact she charges and using it and that her phone should be ok.

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Liquids and electronics do not mix. Especially when there is also power involved. Your sister may be lucky that initially there may seem to be nothing wrong but that doesn't mean to say that there will be no further problems.

Putting it in rice is not a solution to preventing damage caused by liquids. The proper method is to disconnect the power source i.e. remove the battery and then clean and dry the complete phone, inside and out using Isopropyl Alcohol 90%+.

Rice is good to eat but does nothing to prevent corrosion inside a phone. The corrosion is caused by contaminants in the liquids reacting with the metals inside the phone. Even water (except distilled) has various 'elements' always in it (whether deliberately added or not - think chlorine, fluoride, natural minerals etc), and they all react in some way with different metals, even more quickly when coupled with electricity.

There may also be component damage. As most liquids are a conductor of electricity, if liquid has entered the phone, due to the liquid bridging components, there are paths for the current to flow between components, that were perhaps not designed to be electrically connected to each other or to possibly carry that amount of current.

What you should do if you wish to 'save' the phone is to take it to a reputable, professional phone repair service to have it inspected for any damage and if necessary properly serviced to ensure that there are no problems in the future.

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it did not wrork


@Richard Obateru What didn't work? Please provide details of the problem and what you attempted that did not work.


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the good thing is that milk isn’t corrosive like coke or salt water is. If it works it is probably ok. If you want to try to get all milk residuals out you must turn it off and agitate it in distilled water, at least the portion that was submerged in the milk, long enough to dissolve the milk and wash it out. It is always easier to do that immediately b4 anything has dried. Then let it dry for a couple of days b4 powering it on.

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