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The Lenovo A7 tablet is a 7-inch Android tablet released by Lenovo in April 2015. The A7-30 tablet was released in two versions, the 3G/Wi-Fi model (MediaTek MT8382M) version, and the Wi-Fi only (MediaTek MT8127) version.

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Why has my screen gone wrong?

I turned my tablet on and all was working ok then all of a sudden the screen went like white/grey all over. It's not been knocked or dropped and is always protected in a case at all times. What has caused this to happen? It is only 3 months old.

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You can't even remove the back on the device.


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This is a problem with the Lenovo . You could try a hard reset to restore it to factory defaults - you will lose all your settings and data.

Here is a link to show you how.

Lenovo A7-40, A7-50 A3500 Factory Reset

If it doesn't work after that, given that it is only 3 months old, contact the manufacturer about a warranty repair or replacement.

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The screen is absolutely blank so can't see or get to the settings.


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