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Screen replacement for Nextbook 8 NX785QC8G

I recently dropped my Nextbook 8 and the Digitizer broke, I need to replace it but I don't know how to take it apart since it has no screws on the outside. I also need a link to a new digitizer screen because I'm not sure as to which one it needs. Thank you for your help!

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You could buy a new digitizer from ebay


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if you look at the edge of the tablet there's a seam. you want to get a really tiny screwdriver and slow try to open it. when you hear a pop that means the clips on the inside have released and you want to do that all the way around the side of the tablet.

By,Jahn Peabody

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After I put it back together the touch screen is not working and it w

as before. No I have not replaced the screen as of yet.


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I think I'm having the same problem. Dropped my nextbook and it is cracked across the screen. It's crack left to right at the middle of the tablet. I can't use the top portion because the touch screen isn't working on the top. Bellow the crack it's fine. How would I go about replacing it when I get the screen replacement?

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Yes how much it cost to replace it

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How to fix the part were the charger goes into the nextbook

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