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Dell Inspiron 531s desktop computer.

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Computer wont start it just beeps

When I try to start my computer all does is beep. Nothing shows on the screen. What is going on with my computer? The screen is completely black.

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What can I do to fix this problem


computer wont start up just pinging sounf...I have a mac book pro....also there was a test for battery and hardwear and softwear but I cannot do that here I am at the library


tried the 2 ways calling apple one said it may be the battery?


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If you've had this computer for a while now, I would open up the case and clear out and dust or debris that might have collected resulting in overheating your computer due to ineffective air flow from the fans. If that doesn't work, you can try these next steps:

1.Power off and unplug

2.Press/hold power button for ~15 sec

3.Open case and remove motherboard battery

4.Press/hold power button for ~30 sec

5.Reinstall battery (right-side-up!)*

6.See if it boots with only mouse, monitor and keyboard connected

If that doesn't work, you can check out the Dell support page that describes what your beeps and lights may be telling you as well as the troubleshooting for each step.

If you have any further questions please ask


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The important point here is,

How many beeps do you get.

The number of beeps is an indicator as to what the problem actually is.

Do a search then for " x number of beeps when starting computer" read up on the links from there to get to the bottom of the issue.

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Your laptop is trying to tell you what is wrong with it.

When a laptop or computer first powers on, it goes through an initial set of diagnostic tests to make sure vital components are preforming correctly. These tests are called POST or Power On Self Test. When a test fails, the user is notified via POST codes, Light codes, or Beep codes. For diagnosing Beep codes you need to:

Power on the laptop or restart it if it is already on.

Listen to the number of consecutive beeps when the computer begins to boot. Restarting the laptop may be necessary and should not harm the laptop at this time.

For common fixes read.

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Find your computer’s user manual or service manual, and find the beep codes section to figure out what the beeps mean.

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Your memory sticks have gotten a little dust in them making them lose good contact. I had same thing with my dell laptop when I upgraded my memory sticks

The beeping will stop once you remove the memory sticks clean with compressed can of air .Nest if you goggle how to clean memory sticks. So you know mess it up.

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Open it up...change the round "cmos" battery. I just performed this repair on my 531.

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