Why is my backlight flashing inconsistently?

Hey guys,

I got my iPod Touch from my cousin who dropped it in coffee. She got a iPhone 4s, so didn't need a semi functional ipod.

The ipod turns on, and everything works except for the backlight on the screen. I noticed that after keeping it in my pocket for some time, the backlight would flash. Eventually it came on and stayed on for about a day; after school I stuck it in the fridge to see if it was the heat from my pocket or not, and now it is back to flashing.

It flashes when i push the wake button, then goes out; if it flashed within the last ten minutes or so it will not come on if I try it again.

I did open the thing up to clean the contacts for the screen, which are all shiny.

I do not know wether it has a warranty or not, apple messed with their web page so it does not tell you.


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