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Origineel bericht door: Kevin D ,


connect to itunes and white code on screen


hi all,

strange problem here :

i have an ipad 2. it is already a couple of years old. last week we tried to charge the ipad like normal. he got a black screen, rebooted but got stuck on connect to itunes logo. we did, tried to do a reset, then tried a hard reset, nothing works. still connect to itunes.

after the first reset we got a apple log screen witch in the left corner white code ( see picture)

the we tried to do a second hard reset, same thing

connected to itunes several times : or we get a erro message ( 4013 or 4005 or .. )

or it got stuck while it tries to download new firmware...

anyone a sollution?

thanks in advance



iPad 2 Wi-Fi EMC 2415