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Second generation of Wi-Fi iPad, released on March 11, 2011. Model number A1395. Repair is difficult and will require heat.

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connect to itunes and white code on screen

hi all,

strange problem here :

i have an ipad 2. it is already a couple of years old. last week we tried to charge the ipad like normal. he got a black screen, rebooted but got stuck on connect to itunes logo. we did, tried to do a reset, then tried a hard reset, nothing works. still connect to itunes.

after the first reset we got a apple log screen witch in the left corner white code ( see picture)

the we tried to do a second hard reset, same thing

connected to itunes several times : or we get a erro message ( 4013 or 4005 or .. )

or it got stuck while it tries to download new firmware...

anyone a sollution?

thanks in advance

Block Image

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second time i tried same white code on black screen only this time other failure info , but i was to late to take a picture


Thanks Ben

I tought it would be a very expensive repair.

It is not the first time i repair ipads or iphones but only screen and lightning en other small repairs. but never saw a problem like this before.

Tried the DFU mode several times, but no solution here...

when i try to reset the ipad , it works until the apple logo comes back. get a itunes error and then the code appears on the screen...

did it several times , get every time another code but always with the NAND error..

Thanks again

Kind regards



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Looks like the NAND flash memory on the logic board has gone faulty.

To repair this it will be very expensive because it requires replacing the memory chip and reprogramming it. In the end you are better off getting another iPad rather than fixing it.

But in case you haven't tried restore the iPad while in DFU mode.

To get into DFU mode:

1. Keep iPad plugged in.

2. If it's still powered on hold the home + power button until the phone shuts off.

3. Immediately switch to holding power button only for 5 seconds

4. After 3 seconds apple logo will appear then start holding home button as well but keep holding power too.

5. Do this for 15 seconds or (to be exact 8 seconds until the phone switches off and a few seconds after keep holding then release, you will know when to release when you hear the connected USB device sound if you have speakers / audio on your laptop / desktop.

More info on how to get into DFU mode:

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