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This wiki is designed to help you discern if the device you have is an Orange. This is only a guide to aid in identification, if you are looking to solve a problem with your Orange, try the troubleshooting page.

Warning: This wiki serves only as a general guideline; the user bears all responsibility in the event of mis-identification. This guide should not be used in emergency situations.

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Is this an Orange? Nope! That's a rock.

  • When confronted with a device like a rock, look for something with more curves.
  • Rocks are often sharp and hard, Oranges tend to have more give.

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Is this an Orange? That's a cucumber, but you're getting closer!

  • Cucumbers, like Oranges, are organic items, and contain curves, but Oranges fall closer to the red end of the spectrum.
  • Oranges tend to have slight dimpling of the skin, while cucumbers are fairly smooth.

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Is this an Orange? Oh, no. That is the Incredible Hulk. Way off.

  • Oranges lack both sentience and mobility.
  • Confusing the Hulk for an Orange may make him angry, be careful in your identification.

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Is this an Orange? Hmmm… Unfortunately, no. That is an ORANGutan.

  • While orangutans share the pigmentation and adorableness of Oranges, they have hair, a distinctly non-Orange trait.
  • Ask your orangutan for help in identifying your device, they are well-versed in fruit studies.

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Is this an Orange? Donald Trump. Not an Orange.

  • Both sour and of orange pigmentation, Trump still has more hair than your Orange should.
  • Even if it is a toupée.

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Is this an Orange? Almost there! That is an apple, though.

  • Apples are quite commonly confused with Oranges, and though Apples, too, are hard to repair, a comparison can't fairly be made.
  • The key is really the dimpled texture of the Orange rind.

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Is this an Orange? You got it! That's an Orange!

  • Now that you have identified your device, you can proceed to open it.
  • Warning: Opening your Orange may void the manufacturer's warranty.

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What if your orange has all the traits of an orange, but is yellow? Then what?

Matthew Long - Antwoord

Then it is a lemon. See the troubleshooting guide for more on this cheap imatation of everyones favorite fruit. -> Orange Troubleshooting

Yaxfer -

How do I know if I have a Satsuma or Valencia orange? Or a Navel variety, or another less common species?

Katie Bang - Antwoord

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