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Motorola C168 Troubleshooting

You hold down the power button, but the phone will not turn on.

Plug your phone into the wall charger to charge the battery. If the phone does not charge when connected to the charger, you probably have a dead battery. The battery needs to be replaced.

The phone may be on, but nothing appears to be happening because the display is not functioning. The display needs to be replaced.

If nothing else works, the phone's logic board is probably bad and needs to be replaced.

The phone does not respond to any key presses.

Hold down the power button until the phone turns off. Wait a couple of seconds, then turn the phone on. The phone should now be working normally.

Remove the phone's back cover and take out the battery. Wait ten seconds, then reinsert the battery into the phone. Turn the phone back on. It should be working normally.

The phone may be unresponsive because the battery is very low. Plug the phone into the wall charger and wait for at least 20 minutes before using it again.

If the cable looks damaged or broken, especially at the ends, then it most likely is broken and needs to be replaced.

Try charging the phone using different chargers. If one of those chargers works, then your own charger is probably broken and should be replaced.

The contacts (the gold connectors between the battery and the phone) may not working due to dirt, lint, or any other obstructions. Clean the contacts using a q-tip or soft toothbrush. If the contacts are bent or damaged in any other way, then they must be realigned or replaced.

The phone's screen needs to be replaced.

Make sure the phone's volume is not muted. If there is still no sound, then the speaker probably doesn't work and needs to be replaced.

If headphones are plugged into the phone and no sound is coming through, then the phone's audio jack probably doesn't work. Contact Motorola to repair the audio jack.

If any of the above are not working, replace the front panel of the phone.

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