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Currently attending: York University

Major: Information Technology

Aspirations: Looking to get into the information technology field, working hands on with various types of technology, hoping to one day head up am IT department.

Skills: Well versed in repairing Windows and Mac based computers(both software and hardware) through both personal experience and work experience. Some knowledge on repairing iPhone products.

Projects/Accomplishments: Built my own personal computer as well as a network attached storage server and a semi-automated media server.

Repair Experience: Worked in an IT related job for 2.5 years. Have repaired many Windows and Mac based computers in that time (both software and hardware related repairs). Have performed very minor cleaning repairs on motherboards with minor corrosion damage due to moister. Furthermore, I have repaired iPhones with cracked displays and damaged speaker components.

Accolades: Have been promoted to technician level 2 in my workplace.

Hobbies: Basic programming experience allows me to work on some fun projects in my spare time, such as creating games. On top of that, I enjoy playing golf in the summer and tennis indoors during the winter.

How does this project relate to me? I am hoping to gain a further understanding in how the Information technology field work in the real world. Branching out to different areas of IT would help benefit my career goals. Furthermore, my hope is this project will help improve my writing skills specifically with regards to the technology world.

Fun Fact: My favorite game of all time is Super Mario 64 for the Nintendo 64, originally released in 1997(which is the same year i was born). I still play it to this day and it has never lost its novelty.