I run a small repair service in North East Colorado, USA. I do a number of different repairs on anything from Smartphones, Tablets, Phablets, PCs, Laptops, Televisions, Monitors, Gaming Consoles and numerous other electronic devices of various brands. I also build custom PCs on request. I am also knowledgeable in woodworking and other construction related repairs. As well as repairing power tools. I would say I am a very well rounded DIY person. My goal in running my repair service is to save people money while performing a more reliable repair than major repair shops.

I have previously worked for Apple technical support and Intel technical support. I have also worked with building materials in the construction field for many years.

I have a high success rate when it comes to repairs and I take pride in the work I perform. If I can figure out how something works than I can usually figure out how to fix it.

If anyone is interested in my repair services and prices than please contact me. I prefer to be contacted through email. I can then provide an estimate of the repair cost. I do accept items that are not to large and need repaired to be mailed to my address too. If you would like me to perform a repair I will then provide a shipping address, telephone number and other information as needed.

Email address: bdgrauberger@hotmail.com

Thanks everyone and best of luck on all your repairs.