A very quick teardown of the GooGo camera, a wifi 'spy' like camera device.

Deze demontage is geen reparatiehandleiding. Om je Camera te repareren, gebruik onze reparatiehandleidingen.

Opening the device by simply separating the two halves with a plastic prying tool.
  • Opening the device by simply separating the two halves with a plastic prying tool.

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jerome cintas

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I cant see where the camera is, is it a lense focusing onto a ccd on the motherboard???

Steve Rock - Antwoord

Hi Jerome,

There is a small brass thread on the side of the Googo Camera,

Do you know what it is for.

many Thanks Dave Gould

David Gould - Antwoord

hi .. if there a place to solder in a more powerful antenna, would that even help?

sadstory - Antwoord

Do you know how to reset the password of the camera by hardware?

Hugo Uchida Frausto - Antwoord

My phone is showing error in camera can't be opened

Sib Gat - Antwoord

sorry guys for some reason i never saw your comments before now...

the camera is located behind the bottom adhesive in the picture. it is a separated pcb.

i have no idea what the brass thread is for..

for the password, no idea how to reset it, i must admit i haven't touched the camera for a while...

sib gat, sorry i have no idea what the problem might be. check that you are on the googo's wifi network, and that settings for the wifi are ok.

Again, sorry i just received sib gat's comment notification, i don't remember seeing any other notification..


jerome cintas - Antwoord

Man i’m wanting to purchase a googo cam but all the feedback I find seem to be negative. not one positive. Are all these cameras ,hmm, not very good or is it just the good ones haven’t left any feedback. Really wanted on of these but having second thoughts now

Eric K - Antwoord

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