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Take the Torx T5 Screwdriver and carefully remove all the screws in the Droid Maxx’s motherboard. Note that there is a total of eight (8) black screws spread across the motherboard: four (4) at the top and four (4) at the bottom. There are also two (2) silver screws located on the right edge/side, one at the bottom and one about at the middle.

Remove the single screw securing the camera housing. This may be a T3 (Ultra) or T4 (MAXX) screw so use the appropriate driver.

Locate two (2) tabs in the upper plastic cover that surrounds the camera, one at each corner of the Droid Maxx

Take a plastic prying tool and gently lift both tabs to release the cover. Be careful because these plastic tabs are very delicate and can break easily.

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