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Bewerken van stap 21 —

Waarschuwing: Je bewerkt een vooraf vereiste handleiding. Alle wijzigingen die je hierin maakt, beïnvloeden alle 48 handleidingen die deze stap bevatten.

Stap type:

Sleep om te herschikken

Leave the pick from the last step in place to prevent the adhesive from re-sealing.

With a new pick, slice gently over the left-hand antenna, stopping before the home button.

Only slide the pick from the outer edge toward the center of the iPad. Do not move the pick back toward the outer edge, as moving in this direction may damage the antenna.

If you need to slide the pick over the lower section more than once, remove it and re-insert at the outer edge, and slide inwards.

Leave the pick in place before moving on.

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