How to replace the non-standard DVD drive. Upgrading to a newer drive requires special brackets and cables.

  1. Remove the battery.
    • Remove the battery.

    • Turn the keyboard locking screw so that it is parallel to the space bar.

    • Pull the keyboard release tabs toward you and lift up on the keyboard until it pops free.

  2. Rest the keyboard face down on the trackpad area.
    • Rest the keyboard face down on the trackpad area.

    • Disconnect the keyboard connector from the logic board.

    • Your laptop should look approximately like this.

    • Turn the G4 over.

    • Remove the eight Phillips screws from the lower case.

    • Using your thumbs, slide the lower case away from you.

    • The lower case may stick in the front on a tab just above the center of the DVD drive. Be careful as you work the case off, or you may break the thin strip of plastic just above the drive.

    • Lift the lower case off.

    • Your laptop should look approximately like this.

    • Before continuing, place a soft cloth on your work surface to rest the computer on. Turn the G4 over, making sure the DVD drive doesn't fall out.

    • Carefully peel the adhesive strip away from the DVD drive. The plastic dust shield covering the DVD drive is easily damaged. Try to start at the four corners and work toward the center.

    • Bend the silver metal EMI clip so that it is vertical. This part may fall out after removing the DVD drive.

    • The EMI clip is not essential for reassembling the computer. If the clip falls out, don't worry about putting it back in.

    • Turn the G4 over.

    • Disconnect both orange ribbon cables from the logic board using a spudger or the tip of your finger.

    • Remove the DVD drive by lifting the right edge up and out of the computer.

    • If you have a CD or any other object jammed in your optical drive, we have an optical drive repair guide.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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