Replacing the battery on your Kindle 2 is fairly simple. It only requires removing the back cover and a few screws.

  1. Lay the Kindle face down on a soft cloth to protect its screen.
    • Lay the Kindle face down on a soft cloth to protect its screen.

    • Wedge the plastic opening tool in the small opening between the grey plastic and the metal casing.

    • Move the plastic opening tool across the opening while pressing down to separate the grey plastic from the metal casing.

    • Slide the gray plastic top piece away from the Kindle's metal casing.

    • Once the gray plastic top piece is detached from the metal back cover, remove it.

    I had a heck of time using the spudger. I have found that grabbing the corners and using my thumbs to push the plastic away worked like a champ.

    teamhudson - Antwoord

  2. Use a Phillips #00 screwdriver to remove the two 4mm screws from the metal casing .
    • Use a Phillips #00 screwdriver to remove the two 4mm screws from the metal casing .

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    • Locate the three clips that hold the metal case in place. Use the plastic opening tool to push down and pry towards the metal casing to release each clip.

    • Remove the metal casing.

    • The volume control button rests in a slot on the side of the Kindle. When the metal casing is removed, the volume control button may fall out. When reassembling, place the volume control button back into its slot.

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    • For safety reasons, use a Phillips #00 screwdriver to remove the two 3mm screws that hold the battery in place.

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    • Pry upward under the black tab with the spudger to dislodge the battery.

    • Use your fingers to lift the battery out of the device.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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I followed this guide, without changes, and was able to successfully swap a battery on a Kindle DX. The DX is essentially a Kindle 2 with a larger screen.

Eric - Antwoord

Thanks, easy and went well!

Maybe you need a thinner spudger, TH?

Laz - Antwoord

Easy! Worked well with the tools described. Kudos for making this available, it gave my old Kindle a new breath of life!

stevenwaegenaer - Antwoord

Easiest replacement I've done. Thanks!

shockwav - Antwoord

An ebay-acquired battery fit perfectly, but failed to reboot the kindle or accept a charge.

the battery looks idential to the Kindale battery to an old analog voltmeter.

I conformed that the kindle terminals were receiving battery voltage.

The replacement guide was just fine, Back to the original battery, which is well past its best-by date!

Charles Kennedy - Antwoord


Any advice on where to buy a battery online (shipping to Portugal)?

From what I read not all batteies are good, and besides from ebay etc, I don’t know any good shop for this kind of product.

Thank you

Pedro R. - Antwoord

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