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How To Diagnose PS3 Faults Using SYSCON ERROR LOG (YLOD)


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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There are some notes here, the GUI version you have listed will not give the full bringup for syscon, this doesn’t give people enough accurate data to see what exactly is going on, I would recommend you link RIP-Felix’s video as well as that has more in depth explanation on the python version of syscon which is more reliable than the GUI, it’s a good video but I would definitely go with the python version over the GUI just from how many bugs I have had in the past with that

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Also I forgot to mention it would also be nice to have a step by step guide written out so people don’t have to refer to a video for guidance, there are people who would rather read along and have the video as a backup than have only a video

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