This guide shows how to replace an Ink Cartridge. This process requires no necessary tools or knowledge of the device.


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Open cover of the printer.
  • Open cover of the printer.

  • Open the cartridge cover by pressing down on the tab and lifting it up.

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Grab the sides of the ink cartridge and pull it out.
  • Grab the sides of the ink cartridge and pull it out.

  • Replace ink cartridge with brand new ink cartridge.

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  • Close cartridge cover.

  • Close cover of the printer.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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I cannot change the ink cartridges because when I press the Ink button they will not stop in a position where I can open the container. Nothing I've tried works -- can you help please? URGENT!!!

David Hardy - Antwoord

I actually found this quite easy because of your guide. There was no issue at all with replacing the ink cartridge in my printer and now I can print again! Is there anything else I need to worry about after I put the cartridge in?

chrishowell562 - Antwoord

You missed the part where you tell people how to get the cartridge to a position where you can open it. Mine is block because it is over to the side too far.

Paul M - Antwoord

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