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Dit zijn een aantal algemene gereedschappen die gebruikt worden om aan dit apparaat te werken. Je hebt niet elk stuk gereedschap voor elke procedure nodig.

Background and Identification

The Kyocera Event is a basic smartphone that was released in February of 2013 as part of Virgin Mobile’s line of Android powered phones. The Event is compact and light, weighing in at only 4.1 ounces. With its all-plastic construction, it’s not the most luxurious feeling device, but its tapered and angled edges fit well in the user’s hand. Even though the Event only has 3G data, it’s still considered by many who use it to be reliable and a decent handset.

This phone is easily serviceable, including a panel on the back that gives easy access to both the battery and the microSD card slot. One notable feature is Eco Mode, which is an energy and battery conserving mode that can be found on several other Kyocera devices. The Event runs on the Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich OS, which includes all the Google apps you'd expect: Chrome, Gmail, Maps, YouTube and many more. Other basic management features can also be found on the Event, including an email client and a calculator. Users describe this phone as “easy to use”, and “A good phone for the price”.


Having issues with your Kyocera Event? Check out the troubleshooting page.

Additional Information


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