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Repair and support for ceiling-mounted bladed fans.

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Capacitor wirings are different color

The one I got the colour of the wires are different, I have 2 yellow new one has 2 gray wires and the other 3 wires are also different, what can I do to get the right one?

@dadibrokeit the old one is gone but l have the number it had,is Cbb61. And E21 58 93 the new one has CBB61 and gray 6uf 250vac gray 5uf 250vac at the top4.5 Red down Brown and down again purple and at the bottom 70'C. 50/60Hz. The color I have in my lite box are. Black. Blue. Yellow. Yellow. White. Gray. Can you help me. Thank you.

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@lenthibaul60702 The color of the wires doesn't matter at all, but you do have to get the connections right. As long as the capacitance values are correct, the replacement will work as long as it's wired up correctly.

Can you either start a new question or fill in the answer box and add pictures of your old and new parts so we can try and puzzle out what wire goes where? That way I can see what you see.

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Update (04/18/24)

@lenthibaul60702 Okay, it looks to me like your new one is probably this part or something very similar; at least it seems to match your description fairly exactly.

Block Image

Is this a picture of your old one?

Block Image

The problem here is that the wire colors really don't mean anything; manufacturers are free to use whatever color wires they feel like at the moment. Another problem here is that you've listed six wires and the replacement part you're talking about only has five, and the original (if I have the right part here) only has four so we're really going to need more to go on in order to figure this out.

You could start with the make and model number of your fan; there's always a possibility someone out there has a wiring diagram for it that would tell us what we need to know.

Otherwise take pictures of the wires in question and whatever circuit board they're attached to and we can see if there's any way for us to puzzle out your situation.

One problem I see here is that it looks like you're depending on the CBB61 number to get you the correct part, when all that number means is that it's a fan starting capacitor, and can have any number of different values of capacitance; they aren't all the same, so just because your replacement has that number on it, doesn't mean it's going to work. We really need to know what the original values were in order to tell if you have the right part or not. The make and model of the fan might help, but it would certainly have been better if we'd been able to see the original part.

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