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Repair guides for the Samsung Galaxy J5 (2015), released June 2015.

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samsung galaxy j5 (2015) is hardbricked how do I fix it?

i already made a question a long time but this is diffrent and i didnt know its hard bricked and so ill make a question again, can you guys help me?

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@nycollas do you mean the one you've asked in February and never responded too? samsung galaxy j5 from 2015 wont charge and dont turn on If you have read that answer you noticed that it has the SM attached to it. In that, there are the directions on how to install the software via Odin. How do you know that it is "hard bricked"?

You can also try to force a reboot with Vol+ & Vol- & Power? Then Vol- & Home & Power should open download mode. From here you should be able to use Smart Switch for a firmware update.

If none of this works I suggest that you check the GSM Forums for debrick image files.

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yes its from febuary, but i think its not the hard-brick problem, i think its the motherboard problem


@nycollas so why did you assume that it is hardbricked? It appears you are not sure about troubleshooting your phone. Do you get anything when you start it up? If nothing then it is most likely a hardware issue. Did you at least try to go through the steps in the previous answer? What have you tried?


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