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Released September 22, 2017. Model A1864, A1897. Available as GSM or CDMA, 64 or 256 GB Storage Options, and the color options are gold, silver, and space gray.

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Selfie camera blurry and front camera shaking and making noise

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After replacing display and battery the front camera is making noise and is shaking and selfie camera is blurry.

Display also doesn't fit perfectly, through it's acceptable.

How do i fix it?

Battery is sourced from amazon and display from aliexpress.

More context: i used hot air gun(60-90°) to disassemble and followed videos on youtube for replacement.

I didn't notice any kind of damage except for few missing screws on display metal plate.

Iphone otherwise works.

The sound of camera sounds like shutter played too fast repeatedly.It wont focus when taking picture.

Selfie camera doesn't make sound but is blurry.

Edit: microphone doesnt work while calling over wifi and sim card tray wont read sim.

I guess i killed this phone.


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Will this be a problem when i reassemble the phone?

I decided to change charging connector since the microphone didn't work iz appears to me, even though i placed the cable as instructed in ifixt guide, it doesn't sit right with the logic board.

Edit 3: after replacing the lightning connector and and replacing the front camera/ proximity sensor flex cable, and double checking all the cables if they sit right, the iphone is stuck in endless boot.

Logo appears, smartphone shut down, logo appears smartphone shut down.

Any idea how to fix this?

(@dadibrokeit sorry to bother you, but you look like you could help me save this phone)

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If you can open it up and give us a more detailed view of the inside we might be able to help give a more right diagnosis. Based on the limited information however, it can sound like a loose connection or a damaged ribbon connector to the camera. It might also be as simple as apple having locked functions because they have a tendency to software lock features with "non authentic" parts.

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Hi! Updated.

Im pretty sure i f*cled up something up and hope its not software lock..

As far as i can see i see no damage except for the display not fitting right.


@vicktory I'll refer you to this guide so you can double check if you have done the fitting of the screen right.

iPhone 8 Plus LCD and Digitizer Replacement


@markusnorstroem i think i did it right.. followed the ifixit video and read the guide.. i put the iphone in dfu mode to try fix the bugs.

I'll try swapping the cable as mentioned below by @dadibrokeit


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Hi Vicktory,

It's a little unclear, but it looks to me as though there might be some damage to the front sensor array flex cable shown in the fifth picture on your question. Let me see if I can blow it up and point out what I'm looking at.

Block Image

If that's the case, then the fix is fairly straight-forward; you'll just need to replace that front sensor/camera assembly. On the 8 Plus the only paired part restriction is on the home button, so you're free to swap out the front sensor parts without worrying something will stop working. Here's the part you'd need.

iPhone 8 Plus Front Camera and Sensor Cable

And of course I'd be remiss if I didn't also point you to the guide to making that repair, although given that you've already replaced the screen, you've done this once before.

iPhone 8 Plus Front Camera and Sensor Cable Replacement - iFixit Repair Guide

Hopefully it's nothing more complicated than that, and your phone will be back in business shortly!

Update (04/02/24)

Your added picture does indeed look concerning.

I would not attempt to reassemble the phone with the connector looking like that. I would suggest you unplug it and make sure that metal backing plate isn't bent; if it is you'll need to straighten it. This is what happens when you try to plug it in by pressing on the middle of the connector rather than both ends, one at a time, especially if it isn't seated correctly and may be off by one or more pins so it's not fully seated.

So yeah, unplug it and make sure the backing plate and the connector are straight and the pins on both sides are undamaged. Then fold it over in place and use your fingertip to nudge it around gently until you feel it slip into place. Press it in place on one side then the other; you will frequently feel a slight clicking as it snaps in place, but not always.

At that point it should be sitting flat so then you can power it back up and test it before putting it all back together.

iPhone 8 Plus Front Camera and Sensor Cable Afbeelding


iPhone 8 Plus Front Camera and Sensor Cable


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Hi thanks for answering!

I'll post update after the cable is installed.

Is it possible i damaged microphone/sim tray with compressed air/isopropyl alcohol?


Also the camera (not the selfie) starts working normally when using magnet.

Is it possible it because of damaged cable? It seems to me, like the problem could be the in the camera itself..



I did as you recommended.

The metal part is undamaged, nudged flatly and plugged.

I tried turning the phone on with display but no response from iphone.

I guess i need to install haptic engine and cameras first?

I tried turning it on with battery plugged in and without battery plugged in so i could see if the power is transmitted.

Unfortonately neither wokred.

@dadibrokeit should i be concerned? As far as i can see theres nothing wrong with the pins. But the iphone is mostly empty. Only logic board and battery installed with stereo speaker)

Also the battery is depleted for more safety


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